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Using the Bagua to Control Energy Forces

Central to feng shui, the ancient Chinese system that enables you to use the energies to your advantage, is understanding the bagua or pa kua. The bagua is an eight-sided form often used in feng shui decoration – in some cases, there is a mirror in an eight-sided frame. Each of the eight sides of the ba gua represents a different area of life – Love, Children, and Knowledge are just three examples of this.

The eight sides of the bagua are applied to different areas of a living space. That is, all of our living spaces can also be divided into the eight sides or areas that make up the ba gua. Like the ba gua, a living space also has a Love corner, a Knowledge corner, and so on. Once you know which corner is which in your general living space, you can see what is needed to improve the energy in that corner if need be. For example, if you want to attract a relationship into your life, you could improve what is in your Love corner. You can put some Chinese coins in that corner, for example, or a small fountain with running water. Furthermore, if the architecture of your house makes a corner irregularly spaced, inauspicious or absent, remedies are possible. You can use a mirror to reflect or dispel negative or inauspicious energy, and you can use a wind chime of a candle to bring more energy into the space and improve the flow.

One of the most beneficial aspects of using the ba gua is that it allows you to concentrate on all aspects of your life. The system of feng shui and the bagua are all about balance – one’s life needs to be balanced with regard to the different areas of energy that it is composed of. If nothing else, being aware of these different aspects of life allows you to bring the whole picture into balance.

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Bagua Mirror
Mirror is believed to reflect back the bad energy against your house. Placing the Bagua directly above your door outside and facing the structure can send all bad chi back, thereby protects your house.

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