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Chinese Dragons: Symbols of Success and Prosperity

The Chinese dragons is a very powerful good luck symbol, according to feng shui. Anyone who has ever been to a Chinese New Year celebration will know how important dragons are in Chinese culture – in the New Year’s celebration, the dragons bring good luck and ward away evil spirits. The dragons used in feng shui do exactly the same – they ward off evil influences in the home environment, while adding to the prosperity and general good luck enjoyed by people using the living space. Dragons are excellent feng shui for everyone.

To incorporate dragons into your feng shui interior, all you have to do is to buy one of the many little dragon figurines or statues available at any feng shui shop. Though some dragons are expensive, many are very affordable – it depends, of course, on their size and complexity, and the material they are made out of. Some people have dragon figurines specially designed for them and their families, but you do not need to do this. A generic dragon will do just as well, if you are after some good luck and protection. A dragon may be placed on a small table near the door, for example, or by your bed. Some dragons are made for office use – they are part of little cups made to hold pencils, for example, or they adorn business card holders. There is almost no way to use a dragon figurine incorrectly in feng shui – they are delightful, decorative and helpful. Some dragon figurines even incorporate a tiny bagua or yin yang symbol.

In terms of energy, dragons are very yang, meaning that they embody male energy. Sometimes, for balance, they are paired with a phoenix, which has a strong yin, or female, energy. Dragons are associated with the east and with sunrise, but they do not need to be placed in the east in order to do good. All in all, this is one of the most beloved, delightful and auspicious symbols in all of feng shui.

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bronze chinese dragons

Bronze Chinese Dragons
Huge Bronze Coiled Dragon Holding the Crystal Pearl is a magnificent statue. Caste in heavy bronze this is the highest quality statue of it kind. Measuring 12 inches tall it is more impressive in person than any photo can depict. We only have 2 available!

ivory chinese dragons

Ivory Chinese Dragons
Exquisitely Carved, intricately detailed sculpture of a fierce dragon. Very beautiful carving done by a single craftsman painstakingly carving each tiny detail over hundreds of hours. A rare and unique piece. Dragons enhance fame and career prospects and should be placed near a door or window in order to guard your wealth and health. They are a very powerful protection cure for your home or office.

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