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Part of the feng shui interior involves decorating with traditional Chinese paintings, which are often reproductions of famous works. Everyone can appreciate this style of painting from the Chinese dynasties. These peaceful scenes – often landscapes – portray elements of the Chinese land and life from a bygone era. Representations of mountains, clouds, trees, temples, and human figures are represented in a soft focus in a narrow range of colors, usually soft greens, blues and grays. These paintings appeal to everyone, but they also have significance in terms of the feng shui system of energy management.

In feng shui, each of the five elements need to be represented in a space, and if they are lacking, something can be added to represent that element within the space. This is where landscape paintings can be very useful – if there is a representation of flowing water, for example, this can add water energy into a space. If there is a representation of a mountain or of tree, different energies are invoked. In short, traditional paintings from China can be used to balance a space, decrease the power of excessive energies, and represent energies that are needed within the space.

Of course, any style of painting from any tradition could conceivably be used for this purpose, but because of the tranquility conveyed by traditional paintings from China, they are particularly useful. Usually, the colors used in this paintings blend nicely with the rest of the interior – they are not disruptive. You should consult your personal horoscope and KUA number to see what particular pictorial elements are auspicious for you, but in general, paintings from China – or reproductions – are a fine addition to the feng shui interior. Sometimes these paintings are also a decorative part of a screen, which can be used to shield bad elements in a feng shui interior, but must be used with some degree of caution because they can also block the overall flow of energy.


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Glass Paintings
Beautiful bright and colorful paintings of a Chinese Princess in everyday life in Ancient China. Inside Painting Glass Art from China. The glass is actually the canvas, the picture is painted on the reverse side of the glass. Framed in Rosewood with a brass hanger the colors are vibrant and the scenes are beautiful. Each picture is different and measures approximately 10.5" Wide X 15" High. These paintings are all hand done and variations in detail may vary from piece to piece according to the individual artist's design giving your selection a uniqueness not found in other products.

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