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The Famous Chinese Vase

Without doubt, one of the most magnificent creations in China is the Chinese vase.  These vases are available in many different sizes, as well as quality and color.  If you visit China, you want to take a trip to Topkapi Palace where the most valuable and impressive collection of Japanese and Chinese porcelain can be found in the entire world.  Among them are of course many fine Chinese vases, each masterfully created.  In all, the palace is home to more than 10,500 Chinese pieces.  Some came out of the Sung and Yuan Dynasties of the 13th century, some from the Ming Dynasty and others from the Ch’ing period.

Included in this collection are 730 porcelain pieces from Japan, all dated between the 17th and 19th centuries.  Most of these were Imari produced in and around the southern portion of Japan, primarily Arita.  However, the Chinese vase collection is by far the most impressive.  Although there are far too many to mention in just one article, we did want to highlight a few of the favorite Chinese vases on display.

  • Ewer – From the Ming Dynasty, this Chinese vase comes from the 15th century.  Although this particular vase is plain white, it is adorned on the rim with gold and rubies.
  • Blue and White Chinese Vase – This type of vase was created during the 14th and 17th centuries during the Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties.
  • Annam Vase – This Chinese vase is beautifully painted, dating back to 1450.
  • Mei p’ing Chinese Vase – With beautiful leaves and trees in the design, this gorgeous vase was created in the 14th century.
  • Balustre Vase – Very large, this vase is representative of the unusual technical virtuosity of the potters from China.
  • Lidded Chinese Vase – During the Yuan Dynasty, enamels were commonly used, which you see in many of the vases on display at the palace.

When it comes to the Chinese vase, the early Qing Dynasty was a time that represented a move to refinement more than new ideas.  The porcelain used was virtually flawless and the skill required to create the vase and the designs painted on the vases was impeccable.  The potter and painter of the Chinese vase had an amazing ability to use spontaneity and originality from earlier dynasties.  Although the Chinese vase was first used for funerals, they soon became an important tool used in daily living as well as for trade.


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Jade Chinese Vase
Very rare red jade vase with inlaid bronze designs including some old Chinese characters. Origin of vase believed to be Pearl River Delta in Southern china. Only two available, they measure about 10 inches tall each.

Cinnabar Chinese Vase
Beautiful Red and Black Chinese Laquerware brush vases. These make exquisite vases for storing your painter's brushes, pens or even cigars. the uses are endless. A very classy addition to any home or office. This one measures about 4.5" tall X 3.75" wide.

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