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Compatible and Incompatible Chinese Zodiac Signs

As is the case with the western zodiac, Chinese Zodiac Signs are sometimes compatible with one another, and other times they are not. Serious proponents of Chinese astrology will consult an astrologer before they decide on a marriage partner, so see whether the union will be auspicious. In the past, matchmakers performed much the same service, choosing a partner with a compatible zodiac sign.

In the Chinese zodiac, different years are governed by different animals, twelve in all. People born in that year are governed by that sign, or that animal. The same sign is not always compatible with itself; that is, two people born in the same year do not necessarily get along. A good way to make sense of the Chinese zodiac, however, is to think about the general characteristics or associations that we have with the animal in question. For instance, a person born in the Year of the Dog is likely to have protective qualities, like the animal itself.

This zodiac system is not limited to prescribing appropriate love relationships, however. It is also used to determine which friendships and love relationships will be successful and auspicious, and to determine the reason behind the failure or difficulty of others. For example, the Dragon and Horse are both strong signs, and will have some struggles over dominance in any type of work, friendship or love relationships. On the other hand, Dragon and Monkey have a strong and deep affinity for one another, and will form strong love and work relationships.

Like other astrology systems, the Chinese zodiac is a way of explaining the different energies that govern the world and human life and relationships. Like Feng Shui, the Chinese astrology system is based on the idea that the energies that govern aspects of your life are determined by the lunar year in which you were born. The particular planetary forces at work during that year are thought to have a strong and far reaching effect on aspects of your life.

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Jade Zodiac Animals
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Ivory Zodiac Animals
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