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Understanding Crystal Balls

Most everyone has heard of the crystal ball, partially because of the witch in the Wizard of Oz who used hers to see people and things.  Today, the use of crystal balls, along with other items that include the surface of the water, polished steel, or mirrors, is as a divination.  Through numerous studies, evidence shows that the use of crystal balls dates back to medieval times.  However, evidence also shows that crystal balls were commonly used during the Greek and Roman eras.

Originally, the scryer would sit and gaze into this polished surface and as the light reflected, the gazer would fix his or her eyes until gradually the optic nerve became so fatigued the ball could no longer transmit sensorium.  When this occurred, the gazer would begin to see the impression coming from the crystal ball in response to the reflex action of the gazer’s brain.  The impression being received was then projected.  If you were to sit down and gaze into a crystal ball today, staring at it for a long time, you could possible lose sight simple because of the optic nerve becoming temporarily paralyzed.

We know from findings that the Achaians would often use a crystal ball or mirror to divine diseases or understand if there was danger of death to an individual.  In fact, outside Demeter’s temple is a well.  Separating the well from the temple is a wall made of stone with steps leading down to the outside.  The people attach a thin cord to a mirror, lowering it carefully down inside the well.  The key is to let the mirror touch the rim without the mirror actually going into the water.  A prayer to the goddess is made and incense lit.  When the people look into the mirror, they know if a specific sick person will get better or die.

Today, the crystal ball is used for healing, health, and good fortune.  People from all lifestyles visit professionals who provide crystal work.  The quartz crystal can be programmed to provide a positive outcome.  The crystal can clear any negative energy from the aura while realigning chakra or energy in the center of the body.  Crystals are also used through mediation and imaging.  Keep in mind that when it comes to the use of crystals and crystal balls, there are a number of approaches.

Crystals and crystal balls are used as a tool to rebuild damaged energy in a person’s life.  In addition to working to help with energy, crystals and crystal balls also help by creating situations in people’s lives, leading them into a direction of healing and positive growth.  A person who reads crystal balls is said to lock into the inner energy and therefore, see what lies ahead for someone’s life.  With that type of knowledge, changes can be made and the chakra realigned to bring things back into balance for a positive outcome.


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