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Feng Shui Money Tips
Some quick and easy ways to apply feng shui tips to money power spot spaces.

Feng Shui in the Home
Incorporating feng shui in the home can potentially lead to transformation of your life and energy.

Working with the Feng Shui Elements
The Feng Shui elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – are like the building blocks that make up our understanding of the world.

Choosing Feng Shui Furniture
Feng shui furniture will not have sharp edges or angles because the rounded edges allow energy to flow more freely.

Creating a Feng Shui Garden
Feng shui garden will be a source of continuous peace and pleasure, a retreat from the modern-day world.

Selecting Authentic Feng Shui Gifts
Not all feng shui gifts that are labeled as being appropriate for a feng shui interior actually are.

Feng Shui History - A Long and Influential Tradition
Feng shui history dated back at least four thousand years which occurred before the Chinese people even had writing.

The Basics of Feng Shui Home Design
Feng shui home design is popular world wide, and it allows us to create home environments that are uniquely designed to advance harmony, peace and
positive energy flow.

Your Feng Shui House - A Quiet, Creative Sanctuary
Feng shui house is divided into eight different areas, each of which stands for a different aspect of your life.

Where to Get the Best Feng Shui Information
This site offers wealth of feng shui information so that everyone is reaping the benefits of feng shui.

Feng Shui Jewelry - Using it to Your Advantage
Feng shui jewelry has a very powerful role to play because it reflects the productive cycle of earth and metal.

Feng Shui and Kitchen Spaces
Feng Shui kitchen holds a wealth of structures and materials that can benefit from being aligned and balanced according to the principles of feng shui and kitchen.

Balancing Your Feng Shui Living Room
Feng shui living room has eight different sections or areas, and each has its own significance.

Feng Shui Money - The Most Potent Symbol
Feng shui money has the potential to attract a lot of good for you and your family.

Selecting and Using Lucky Feng Shui Numbers
Feng shui numbers are ubiquitous and someone who is interested in practicing feng shui has to become adept at working with them.

Attain Maximum Productivity in a Feng Shui Office
A feng shui office can actually boost your productivity and job satisfaction, by allowing you to maximize on the beneficial energy flow in the room and taking you out of harm’s way.

Selecting Authentic Feng Shui Products
Feng Shui has become popular in North America and Western Europe which has led to a proliferation of Feng Shui products on the market.

Finding a Quality Feng Shui Store
A feng shui store, in theory, gives you all of the elements you need to create a feng shui interior.

Components of Feng Shui Study
If you would like to pursue a course of feng shui study, there are many opportunities to do so nowadays.

Understanding Feng Shui Symbols
Feng shui symbols fall into several categories, and knowing how to use them to your best advantage can greatly enhance your practice of feng shui in
your own home and in your life.

Where to Go for Feng Shui Training
If you are serious about your feng shui training, you will eventually have to study under an already trained practitioner or expert.

Purple White Flying Star Feng Shui - an Advanced Practice
Flying star feng shui is an advanced method that allows you to find the
lucky or auspicious areas of your house using an elaborate set of calculations.

The Basics of Fung Shui
Fung shui is a system of energy use and management that comes from ancient China with four thousand years old.

Using the I Ching
The I Ching is an ancient Chinese text that combines poetry and prophesy.

Auspicious Interior Design Ideas for Feng Shui
Offers several ways to incorporate interior design ideas into your feng shui practice.

What is Feng Shui? - A Beginner's Guide
Learn what is feng shui so that you are aware of any type of block in the flow of energy in your life and your home.

Balancing the Ying Yang Flow
Ying yang is the flow of opposite energies against each other and exerting an equal force on the other.

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Chinese Dragons

chinese dragons
Chinese dragon is the ultimate symbol of auspiciousness. It is the most important symbol in Feng Shui.

Laughing Buddha

laughing buddha
The Laughing Buddha symbolizes health, happiness, longevity, and prosperity. Business owner or politician will do well, if you place him at your house or office.

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