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Choosing Feng Shui Furniture

If you are interested in decorating according to feng shui principles, whether its just because you like the look, or because you are serious about practicing the concepts of feng shui, you should pay attention to the type of furniture you are putting into your living space. For one thing, feng shui furniture will not have sharp edges or angles – think of all the round tables in a Chinese restaurant. The rounded edges allow energy to flow more freely. For another thing, simplicity is always the key in all aspects of feng shui decorating, and this includes the selection and even the placement of your furniture.

For instance, where you put your bed is very important in feng shui. Think about it – you spend about a third of your life in bed, and this is a time when you are very relaxed and open to the energies around you. A feng shui bed should be simple and comfortable, and the bed covers should be of good quality and of a quiet, relaxing color such as blue or pail green. The direction in which your bed faces is important – as a rule of thumb, your bed should not face a door or a toilet, and it should not be directly under a window. Any of these things will cause you to lose energy rather than gathering it during your time in bed. Beds should never be on the floor, or on a very low frame that is at floor level – a full bed frame that elevates the bed off the floor is necessary for good feng shui in the bedroom.

If your furniture has sharp edges, these can be masked or softened in various ways. If they remain sharp, you run the risk of ‘cutting’ your energy. In particular, the edges of open shelves or book cases can act like knifes. They can be softened by sanding their edges, or by placing auspicious objects at the corners of your shelves.

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