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Creating a Feng Shui Garden

Most of the practice of feng shui is concerned with interior design and spaces, but did you know that many of the same rules apply in the great outdoors? Do not neglect the possibility of building and enjoying a feng shui garden. There are several possibilities to explore in designing your garden, but always make sure that you follow the principles of balance and energy flow that are prescribed by classical feng shui. Your garden will be a source of continuous peace and pleasure, a retreat from the modern-day world.

In a garden, the ‘bagua’ rules of space distribution and the allocation of meaning to certain parts of the space are only loosely followed, if at all. It is more important to concentrate on the individual elements of the garden and the harmony that they can bring to your life.

For one thing, a garden is the perfect place to bring the five elements together. On the other hand, if your particular horoscope or KUA number shows you to be lacking in a certain element, the garden is a good place to compensate for that. Earth and metal are easily incorporated in a garden, as is water – a small pond or stream with living carp or gold fish is extremely auspicious. These fish are very lucky, and very ‘good feng shui’. They can bring prosperity, and they can also attract love energy to your garden and your life.

Pay attention to the types of plants that you have in your garden. As always, plants with round leaves are preferable to those with pointed leaves, whose sharp edges tend to cut energy. Finally, a garden that follows the feng shui tradition will be rather spare and tranquil, not like the chaotic gardens sometimes favoured in England and North America.  

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