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Selecting Authentic Feng Shui Gifts

For someone who has a new or a long term interest in the subject, feng shui gifts will be much appreciated. It is important not to choose these gifts haphazardly, however – if you shop at a North American store, not all gifts that are labeled as being appropriate for a feng shui interior actually are. If you want to give gifts that are related to feng shui, you would be wise to follow one of two strategies – either stick to general, universally useful objects, or, if you want to select something more specialized and unique, consult a feng shui expert or a good book on the subject before selecting your items for purchase.

There are several items that will be universally appreciated by anyone interested in feng shui, because they have so many uses and applications. Candles, for example, are always a good idea. However, candles for use in feng shui should not have a strong fragrance. Another common gift is a plant, which can be used to enhance certain types of energy in a living space. A plant with round leaves is best, however, as sharp leaf tips may have a tendency to cut energy much as a sharp corner or a knife would do.

Speaking of knives – for anyone interested in feng shui, any sort of knife of scissors make the worst gifts of all. By no means should you give anything that has a blade as a gift, because according to feng shui, it will cut your friendship apart. If you practice feng shui, and someone does give you a knife or scissors as a present (probably because they don’t know the association it has), you can neutralize the negative energy by immediately giving the gift giver a coin. This means that, symbolically, you are purchasing the item – no real gift giving has taken place.

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