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The Basics of Feng Shui Home Design

Feng shui is a traditional spiritual practice that originated in China, but it is unique in that it has many practical decorative applications. Feng shui home design is popular world wide, and it allows us to create home environments that are uniquely designed to advance harmony, peace and positive energy flow. If the feng shui elements are in balance in a space, you might find that everything goes better. You get more done during the day, and you sleep better at night. Your relationships are more harmonious. This seems to be true no matter how much or how little we really ‘believe in’ feng shui, or even how much we know about it. This style of design speaks for itself, in a sense – we experience its effects even if we don’t know why.

Home design is a way of creating a certain ‘look’ in your home – an environment is created using certain elements, and the overall way in which the space is arranged is also done according to certain guiding principles. In a sense, there are two types of home design, therefore – design on a large scale, taking into account the shape and architectural elements of a room and the placement of furniture, and design on a smaller scale, governing the use of smaller decorative elements. Both are relevant to feng shui.

In feng shui, energy must be able to flow through a room without being impeded or cut. Certain set-ups should also be avoided, because they are not good for the energy flow. For instance, there should always be room for free movement – the space should not be cluttered. If there are negative architectural elements, such as ‘missing space’ in a room, this can be remedied through feng shui principles. Finally, once the space as a whole has been taken care of, smaller decorative elements such as candles, mirrors or wind chimes can be added. Consult a practical feng shui manual to make sure you are doing this properly.

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