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There is a wealth of feng shui information available today, even in Europe and North America. While this ancient tradition used to be exclusively Asian, nowadays it seems like everyone is reaping the benefits of feng shui. For about the past decade, the practice has been very popular in North America, for example. While hardly anyone in North America (except those of Asian origin) had heard of feng shui fifteen years ago, today many practice it. Some feng shui experts are of European descent, with not a drop of Chinese blood – yet they see the universal appeal of this ancient art and have accepted it as their own.

The down side to the wealth of information about feng shui, and the publicity that it is receiving in the west, is that there is also a lot of misinformation out there. As a result, there are some people who are starting to become disillusioned with feng shui, calling it a mere superstition. It is, of course, anything but – feng shui is a tradition that has helped people create favorable circumstances for themselves for the past four thousand years! However, some of the ‘faux’ feng shui that passes for the real thing nowadays really is without basis. So, if you are looking for feng shui information, make sure you look to reliable sources.

For a start, there are hundreds of books available on the subject. Look for a couple of books that have Chinese authors. This is not to say that practitioners of feng shui who are not Chinese don’t know what they’re doing, or have nothing to say – of course they do. But consider the fact that many Chinese grew up with the feng shui principles as a way of life, passed down from their grandparents and far beyond. Chinese writers are likely to have a perspective that western writers, no matter how knowledgeable, won’t.

Also, be careful when you do internet searches. Some feng shui web sites are excellent and informative, while others give misinformation in order to sell their products. By all means, do internet information on feng shui, but also consider the sources, and don’t believe everything that your read on the net.

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