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Feng Shui Jewelry - Using it to Your Advantage

When you are practicing feng shui, you recognize that everything you have around you influences the energy that is coming toward you and affecting the various aspects of your life. This means that even things you had previously taken for granted, like you personal appearance, have a role to play according to feng shui. Your haircut, clothing, and even your makeup should be of a shape and color that is in harmony with your personal strengths and deficiencies, and your life path. Jewelry, of course, is no exception. Feng shui jewelry has a very powerful role to play; when you think about it, jewelry really is a type of symbol or talisman that you carry with you at all times. Jewelry is powerful, so it must be selected carefully.

In general, though, jewelry is excellent feng shui. This is because it combines two important elements – metal and earth (ie. the stones, precious or otherwise, set in the jewelry). Furthermore, all the elements have both a productive cycle (where one creates the other) and a destructive cycle (where one destroys the other), and jewelry reflects the productive cycle of earth and metal. Furthermore, jewelry, whether ‘real’ or not, creates an energy of prosperity around you, much as carrying Chinese coins does. This, in turn, can help you attract real prosperity.

The thing you should be careful of, however, is wearing too much jewelry at one time. Metal and earth are powerful elements, and to have too much of them around you in the form of energy can cause a state of imbalance with the other elements. Also, your personal horoscope and KUA number should be taken into account – it is unusual, but there are some people who should wear only minimal jewelry or none at all. These are individuals who are already very strong in the metal and earth elements, and adding more of them will create an imbalance with the other three elements.

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