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Feng Shui and Kitchen Spaces

People often do not make an association between the principles of feng shui and kitchen spaces, or what goes on in the kitchen. This is a mistake, because the typical kitchen holds a wealth of structures and materials that can benefit from being aligned and balanced according to the principles of feng shui.

That having been said, there is also a lot in typical kitchen that needs to be neutralized in order to dull or diminish the influence of bad feng shui. For example, knives and other implements used for cutting are always negative feng shui, and must be stored securely out of sight. Other inauspicious aspects associated with kitchens are cleaning implements, such as mops, brooms and buckets even garbage cans. Like a toilet, these are associated with waste or undesired things (like garbage and dirt) being on their way out. As such, the energy that these things carry is very negative, and if they are left in sight, they can literally drain the energy from a room. Therefore, all cleaning implements, as well as garbage cans, must be stored out of sight in order to create a congenial feng shui kitchen space. Finally, here as elsewhere, diminishing clutter is of paramount importance.

Food, however, is auspicious – like money, it connotes wealth and plenty. Some foods are better feng shui than others, of course – the orange is excellent feng shui, because of its shape and color – but all food is basically positive. It is good, therefore, to store some food in plain sight in the feng shui space. It may even be a good idea to place some bowl of food on a mirrored surface – you can put a small mirror down on a counter and kitchen table – to double the appearance of prosperity and thereby attract more of it.

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