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Balancing Your Feng Shui Living Room

According to the principles of feng shui, your whole living space is divided into eight sections using the bagua. However, because it is the room most associated with the whole family and their activities, the living room is also divided in the same way. The feng shui living room therefore has eight different sections or areas, and each has its own significance. A few examples include the prosperity corner, the family corner, the relationship corner, and the knowledge corner. Because the living room is a room shared by all family members, it is not made to fit any particular family member’s horoscope or KUA number. Instead, general principles are used to bring energy to the different parts of the room and what they represent, with the understanding that this is working equally on behalf of everyone who shares the space.

Dividing up the living room into eight parts according to the bagua is simpler and easier than dividing up the whole house, because the living room can be taken into one’s view all at once and it is likely to have a regular shape. The first thing to do, however, is to assess how regular it really is – are there architectural oddities, unusual shapes or features? One example is a room with a balcony that cuts into the space of the living room; that is, the balcony, if included in the living space, would make the space into a regular rectangle or square. The balcony does not look as if it has been ‘added on’ to the outside of the building. This type of balcony represents ‘missing’ space, because a space has literally been taken out of the room. However, it can be remedied or cured by bringing the ‘missing’ space into the room, symbolically. This is usually accomplished by putting a powerful and energetic objects, such as a candle or a portable fountain with running water, onto the balcony.

Pay attention, also, to what the different areas look like in your living room. Is there a place that looks neglected or messy? Now is the time to remedy that, and the energy balance of your whole room will improve.

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