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Feng Shui Money - The Most Potent Symbol

Feng shui money – usually three Chinese coins tied together with a red ribbon – is one of the most powerful symbols used in feng shui. It can be used almost everywhere – in your prosperity corner, of course, but also in other areas where you want to attract positive energy. This is also a highly portable charm that you can – and should – take with you when you go out. One feng shui expert recommends having some feng shui coins in each bag or purse, and some in the pockets of your coats, so you are never without it.

Furthermore, coins tied together with a red ribbon or string should be placed on the inside of the main door to your house and to your office – this is a sign that prosperity has already come to this place. On the other hand, coins placed outside the door indicated a mere wish for prosperity, or eventual prosperity.

The number of coins used in as a set is important – three is the most common number, and is considered very lucky. Five coins, on the other hand, is thought to be unlucky. If you want more than three, it is better to opt for eight or nine.

Being made of metal, the Chinese coins are naturally an expression of that element. However, they are also round and golden in color, and that carries the association of the sun, a fire symbol. Unlike some other feng shui symbols that have to be used carefully so that you do not attract the wrong kind of energy, or throw the energies out of balance, the feng shui coins can be used almost universally. It is hard to go wrong with three coins on a red ribbon, and it has the potential to attract a lot of good for you and your family.

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