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Selecting and Using Lucky Feng Shui Numbers

Numbers are very important to the practice of feng shui, for several reasons. First, some numbers are lucky or auspicious while others are not. Second, casting your personal feng shui chart, which determines which directions and elements are lucky for you, is dependent on the numbers associated with your time of birth. Feng shui numbers are ubiquitous, therefore, and someone who is interested in practicing feng shui has to become adept at working with them.

In simple terms, your personal KUA number is calculated in the following way: first, the last two digits of the year of your birth are added together, and if the sum is greater than nine, they are added again to obtain a number smaller than ten. Remember, this is your year of birth according to the lunar calendar – so if your birthday is in January of February, you need to consult a lunar calendar to see which year you were ‘actually’ born in according to the lunar calendar. The lunar new year usually occurs in late January or early February, and that is when the year number changes over.

If you were born in 1969 according to the lunar calendar, for example, you would add 6 and 9 to get 15, then add 1 and 5 to get 6. Next, if you’re a man, you would subtract that number from 10, again reducing the number by adding digits if it is more than 9. If your are a woman, you should add 5 to the number, again reducing it. Therefore, if you were a man born in 1969, your KUA number is 4. If you are a woman born in 1969, your KUA number is 2 (because 6 and 5 re 11, and 1 and 1 are 2). This number is your reference point for determining which directions, elements, and colors are good for you, which ones you are lacking, and which ones you have an excess of already and need to balance. For a personal approach to feng shui, almost everything depends on this KUA number.

This is, however, only a very simple way of approaching it. There is a more involved process to determine your personal number, and it takes into account your hour and day of birth as well as the year, and combines these numbers with the eight sides of the bagua. However, this is an involved process that requires an experienced feng shui practitioner.

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