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Attain Maximum Productivity in a Feng Shui Office

A feng shui office can actually boost your productivity and job satisfaction, by allowing you to maximize on the beneficial energy flow in the room and taking you out of harm’s way. In a sense, feng shui can be even more powerful in the office than at home – this is where things get done, after all, and where you are the most powerful and dynamic. Moreover, most offices have less in them than home spaces do, so the energy influences are stronger and more active.

One important consideration when practicing the principles of feng shui in your office is the placement of your desk. Remember how your bed, where you spend a third of your life, must be placed correctly in order to capitalize on good energy flow and minimize stagnation of energy loss? The same is also true of your desk. For this reason, you should never work at a desk that is positioned opposite the door – this leads to maximum energy loss. On the contrary, the best place for your desk is in the far right corner, placed diagonally from the door. In general, try to make sure that your desk is as far as possible inside the office space.

In addition, you should not sit at a desk that is directly under a beam, because this will cause a feeling of pressure and may lead to headaches or even migraines. You also shouldn’t sit with your back to the door, whether it is the door to your own private office or to the maid office entrance. Finally, as in all spaces, the principles of feng shui clearly tell us that sharp angles and points in an office setting cut the energy. You should avoid having a desk or any other piece of furniture with sharp or pointy edges, and in particular, make sure that a sharp or pointy edge is not pointing at you or your desk as you sit in the office.

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