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Selecting Authentic Feng Shui Products

In the past ten years or so, the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui has become popular in North America and Western Europe. This has led to a proliferation of Feng Shui products on the market, some of which are more useful than others!

Some critics of the popularized western version of Feng Shui will tell us that many of the products on the market have little to do with the traditional art of Feng Shui. For example, while traditional Feng Shui does involve some specific elements of sound, and instruments that create it, critics of westernized Feng Shui feel that ‘Feng Shui’ wind chimes are overused. Traditional Feng Shui involves the controlled making of special sounds, they argue, not the constant and indiscriminate tones often produced by external wind chimes.

Another example is the use of crystals – another product that western practitioners dabbling in Feng Shui feel can attract energy into a space. Feng Shui purists, on the other hand, insist that the use of crystals has little or nothing to do with traditional Feng Shui.

However, there are some products available to us in the west that represent a legitimate use of Feng Shui. These include almost anything that is round or octagonal, like the traditional ‘ba-qua’ mirror. Round objects aid in the flow of energy in a space – think of the round tables in a typical Chinese restaurant – while the special octagonal shape represents the eight areas of influence that Feng Shui governs. Other products that are universally acknowledged to be beneficial are plants, especially plants with round leaves – though artificial plants, on the other hand, as viewed as somewhat inauthentic!

Probably the most powerful and effective Feng Shui involves no products at all – it consists of cleaning and de-cluttering your living space. A cluttered space indicates stagnant energy, and this carries through to your life as a whole. On the other hand, when you clean and clear out the space, your whole outlook improves and your are able to attract the things that you need and want.

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