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Finding a Quality Feng Shui Store

In China, Feng Shui has been practiced for thousands of years. People are well acquainted with all of its subtleties, and even if they are not consciously using the entire system, they usually implement elements of the practice, maybe even without thinking about it. On the other hand, some go the whole way, employing a feng shui expert to help them design an auspicious interior space and manage all aspects of their lives. A feng shui store, in theory, gives you all of the elements you need to create a feng shui interior.

In the west, feng shui has become very popular in the past ten years or so. Many westerners are fascinated with what is, to them, a somewhat exotic practice and way of thinking. For westerners, the principles of feng shui may not come as naturally – they have not been passed down from the individual’s parents and grandparents, for example. Whereas for people of Chinese background, this practice was simply a way of life for many generations, westerners are still learning. There are many books that can help you in your early  practice of feng shui, explaining the five elements, the bagua, and the balance of energies. There are also practitioners or experts that can be hired or consulted, if you are very serious about establishing your feng shui practice. Predictably, there are also stores selling feng shui symbols, material, artwork, and other devices in many North American and European cities. These stores can be very useful, as they can give you access to things that would otherwise be hard to find, and which may be essential to your practice. However, this is also a case of ‘buyer beware’, in that many of these stores may also try to sell you things that are not really necessary for feng shui practice.

After all, the basic components of a feng shui interior are very simple and easy to find. You do not even necessarily need distinctly Chinese products at all – candles, mirrors, and potted plants, for instance, are equally applicable to feng shui even if they come from your corner store or grocery store.

It’s true that there are some things – like Chinese coins or calligraphy hangings – that should be obtained from an authentic source. The problem with many western feng shui shops, however, is that they will try to sell you things you don’t really need for your feng shui practice. This is both expensive and distracting – and in some cases, the popularized version of feng shui is at odds with the traditional philosophy and practice. To select a quality store, therefore, and to correctly ascertain what your really need for feng shui as opposed to what is just excess trimming, consult a feng shui expert or good book on the subject, preferably written by someone who has learned and practiced the art in China.

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