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Components of Feng Shui Study

If you would like to pursue a course of feng shui study, there are many opportunities to do so nowadays. This is not just true in China, but all over the world, including North America. While most people study feng shui in order to be able to use it correctly in their own homes, and to make it work for them most effectively, there are some people who wish to pursue a career in this area. These days, this is a valid choice of career, as there is quite a strong interest in feng shui throughout the world. While some people are content to learn from books or web sites, for others, there is not substitute for calling in an expert.

For most people, the study of feng shui begins in one of two ways. Some of us are lucky enough to have been brought up with this art – it was a part of our life at home, and probably a traditional part of original culture. Even in Europe and North America, quite a few of us have had the opportunity to learn about feng shui by observing how others use it. This is, perhaps, the best way to learn, as we get to see the principles of feng shui in action. We also get to experience the space that another person has created according to the principles of feng shui. Often it is the space itself, and the person who has created it, that is the most informative and instructive.

For people who have not been raised with feng shui and who have not observed another person’s practice of it, the best way to begin understanding it is through books. There are many feng shui books on the market – maybe too many! Some concentrate on theory, while others emphasize the practical aspects of feng shui, such as how to use it for decorating. Which you choose depends, in part, on your purposes in studying feng shui and on your style of learning; some of us need to read about a coherent theory, while others learn through doing and will do better with a practical manual.

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Chinese Dragons

chinese dragons
Chinese dragon is the ultimate symbol of auspiciousness. It is the most important symbol in Feng Shui.

Laughing Buddha

laughing buddha
The Laughing Buddha symbolizes health, happiness, longevity, and prosperity. Business owner or politician will do well, if you place him at your house or office.

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