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Understanding Feng Shui Symbols

Feng shui symbols fall into several categories, and knowing how to use them to your best advantage can greatly enhance your practice of feng shui in your own home and in your life. Furthermore, if you know the meanings of common symbols that are meaningful in feng shui, you can avoid making mistakes that might limit your energy flow and bring unwanted results.

One type of symbol used in feng shui is the symbol that is associated with one of the five elements, such as water, earth or fire. There are different ways in which this symbol can be expressed. One way is through a physical object – for instance, a small water fountain on a desk top can represent the element of water. Chinese coins are a powerful symbol bringing good luck and prosperity. However, this can also de done through pictures – and the traditional Chinese landscape paintings are a perfect example. In general, landscapes are the most auspicious type of painting to include in a work or living space, according to the principles of feng shui. Furthermore, there are certain elements within the landscape that are symbols of the five elements, such as water, fish, a mountain, or trees. All of these symbols are very effective in remedying problem areas and bringing a desirable balance of energy into a physical space.

Another type of symbol used in feng shui is the ying yang symbol – a perfect blend of opposing energies. For the westerner, the ying yang is probably the most well known and recognizable symbol of all. By adding it to your physical environment, or even, as has become popular, wearing the symbol on jewelry, you are reminded of the need for balance in all things. According to the principles of feng shui, all things are made up of these opposing energy, so the ying yang symbol, where they are perfectly in balance, presents the ideal.

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