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Where to Go for Feng Shui Training

There are few if any actual schools that provide feng shui training. In China, the practice is so well established that it is more or less a part of regular, everyday life rather than something to be studied. On the other hand, in the west, not many feng shui schools or centers of study have been established as yet. However, if your really want training in the practice of feng shui, there are a lot of resources available. You may need to find a teacher and create a program more or less on your own, but the resources exist for you to obtain a feng shui education and perhaps become a paid expert of consultant.

That having been said, there are two main reasons why someone would seek training in feng shui – first, you might want to learn about it for personal use, to improve the energy in your home; and second, you might want to actually become a consultant whom others call in for personalized service. This type of practice is a way of really helping people improve their lives.

In either case, your education will start with reading, both practical manuals and books of feng shui theory. Some people do better with a practical approach at the beginning, and this has several advantages. It is a hands-on approach that will allow you to apply what you have learned almost right away, and this means that it will be more firmly imprinted on your learning. In fact, actually practicing feng shui rather than just reading about it helps you learn the theory, as well. Because all parts of the theory are connected to the practice, you learn about the whole philosophy just from practicing any component of feng shui.

If you are serious about your training, however, you will eventually have to study under an already trained practitioner or expert. This is the best way to get the in-depth training you need if you eventually want to set up your own practice, and by working under an expert, you will have a ready-made resource to use if any difficulties come up.

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