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Purple White Flying Star Feng Shui - an Advanced Practice

Flying star feng shui is an advanced method that allows you to find the lucky or auspicious areas of your house using an elaborate set of calculations. This is something that will be different for everyone – it is based on number pertaining to you that are quite individual. This feng shui theory was advanced about a thousand years ago in China.

The basis for the flying star method of feng shui is a design incorporating nine numbers, arranged in a pattern similar to that of a tortoise’s back. In fact, legend has it that this is how the flying stars started – with the pattern on the back of an actual tortoise. It is called the Lo Shu magic square, and it consists of three columns of three numbers each making a total of nine squares. These squares are filled with a unique arrangement of digits that represent values of one to nine, and the sum of any three numbers (moving in any direction) is fifteen. The numbers inside the grid keep changing, with every day, month, and year.

The Lo Shu Square is then combined with the Pa Kua symbols (also called the bagua – they are based on the number eight). Together, the pattern that we are left with is the “Nine Palace Eight Kua” diagram, which can then be used to find the different areas of your home, as well as telling you which elements and colors are favorable for you. Compared to basic feng shui, this is a very complex system. It is also very powerful, because it is so specialized. As the initial sequence of numbers is particular to the person having the reading, the feng shui expert will be able to tell which places and directions are auspicious for that person with a great deal of precision, avoiding accidental imbalances that sometimes occur in basic feng shui.

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