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The Basics of Fung Shui

Fung shui (also spelled ‘feng shui’) is a system of energy use and management that comes from ancient China – in fact, it is about four thousand years old. Fung shui is based on certain principles – basically, the belief is that ‘chi’, or energy, is in all things, and that it must be in balance and flow freely, without obstructions. If this is the case, then the fung or feng shui interior is said to be in balance or in harmony, and this works well for the person occupying the space. If, on the other hand, the energy is obstructed or out of balance for one reason or another, a person will not be happy, creative or prosperous in that space. This means that all aspects of his life will be affected. Feng shui governs architecture, physics and design. It is also about how the elements work together to create harmony.

You may have heard that, for the Chinese, certain numbers are ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’. To an extent, of course, this is true for all cultures – but traditional Chinese thought has a more substantiated system for explaining this, as opposed to the vague and superstitious thinking that other cultures may have. Numbers have an energy, just like elements and directions. Based on your year of birth and gender, certain numbers and elements will be good for you, while others won’t. This is because you are in harmony with some aspects of physical life and not with others.

According to feng shui design, the interior of any living space can be divided into eight corners or areas, each of which is symbolic of a certain part of your life. Once you know what these areas are and where they are located in your home, you can work on them, making them attract the type of energy and luck that you need and want.

Feng shui is a world away from the fatalistic, superstitious thinking that some of us suffer from. If nothing else, the main concept of feng shui is one of control – you can take simple and positive action to control the parts of your life that may be giving you trouble. In this way, you can optimize your happiness, energy and creative output.

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