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Incorporating Feng Shui Into Your Home Decor

Perhaps much of the appeal that feng shui has for people around the world is that it has a practical application in addition to its spiritual elements, whereas many other philosophies are much less ‘hands on’ and therefore less satisfying. Feng shui has a lot of practical applications in home decor, for example. You don’t even have to practice it in any kind of serious way in order to appreciate these elements of decor, but their power and appeal is enhanced if you have a basic understanding of feng shui.

In general, the feng shui interior is relaxing, uncluttered, uses natural elements, and pays attention to the distribution of objects and space within a room. This is something that has universal appeal, though it is at odds with some of the traditional decorating styles in the west in the past few centuries. Perhaps this is why we find it so appealing and refreshing, however. A more detailed study of feng shui will also tell you which colors are appropriate for which kind of space, and which specific decorative elements should be used in different rooms. Furthermore, according to feng shui, we each have a life path that is, in part, determined by the precise time of our birth. According to our birth, we gain or lack certain natural elements, and feng shui allows you to remedy any inherent imbalances this may cause. Your whole life will run more smoothly once you have a feng shui decor.

In fact, feng shui gives you the opportunity to successfully run different parts of your life according to its principles. For instance, according to feng shui, any living space is divided into eight parts which correspond to the different aspects of life. Paying attention to how you decorate these spaces allows you to influence and control what is going on in those aspects of your life.

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Ivory Carving
A very high quality carving from a flawless piece of Mammoth Tooth Ivory. Note the very fine grain showing through the translucent quality of the ivory. Only the best part of the ivory tusk can display these qualities.


Horse Sculpture
Beautiful Burmese Jade Horse standing in the traditional Chinese stance and decoration. The Horse is an extremely likable character. Hard working, self-possessed and sharp, the Horse skillfully acquires power, wealth and respect.

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