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Auspicious Interior Design Ideas for Feng Shui

There are many ways to incorporate interior design ideas into your feng shui practice. Feng shui is, in part, about interior design. However, many practices that come from cultures other than Chinese culture are considered ‘bad feng shui’. These include such North American stables such as open book cases and tables with sharp edges.

One of the most basic feng shui concepts is the idea that sharp edges or corners cut the energy in a room, and are therefore to be avoided. If you are buying a new table, for example, consider a round one or an oval one. If you are buying a new bed, according to feng shui, it should be high rather than low. Sleeping on or near the floor is considered very inauspicious.

On the other hand, many feng shui concepts are related not to the furniture itself but to how it should be placed in a room. There should always be room for energy to travel in a room, and it should never be allowed to flow unobstructed outside of a room. That is, if there are two doors in a room, that is an architectural flaw that must be remedied by the arrangement of furniture within the room. Otherwise, all the energy will just flow into one end of the room an out the other, depleting the space.

Once the furniture has been placed properly, the last step is to add decorative touches that reflect the proper elements and balance then. This is also particular to the person occupying the space. For example, some people might have an affinity with a certain element, and if this is the case they need to balance it by using some of the opposite element. The goal is always for the energy to be balanced in all parts of the home, and remedying them if they aren’t. Some common elements of feng shui decorating include candles, plants, wind chimes, Chinese coins, Chinese paintings, and calligraphy.

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