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Beautiful Jade Jewelry

For more than 5,000 years, jade has been considered a Chinese treasure.  Jade is used for many different things such as incense burners, snuff bottles, statues and figurines, and jewelry.  Jade has a character, which looks like the capital letter “I” but with a line that runs across the middle.  The top of this character stands for the heavens while the bottom represents the earth and the center for humankind.  The Chinese believed Jade to help preserve a body after death.  For this reason, many of the tombs uncovered of emperors contained many pieces of beautiful jade.  In fact, one such tomb contained an entire suit made of nothing but jade, which would have been used to assure immortality of its owner.

The Chinese people also believe that jade is a status symbol, one of virtue and love.  Ancient jade carved in China is what we know of today as nephrite jade, which actually comes from the Greek word meaning “kidney”.  However, another culture also treasured jade, that of the Mayan, Toltec, and Olmec Indians of Central America.  They too used jade to create carvings along with masks.  There is even evidence of prehistoric blades and axes carved from jade and the Portuguese brought numerous pieces from their Canton, China settlement, believing it to be powerful medicine that could heal problems with kidneys.

As the popularity and strong beliefs surrounding jade have continued through the years, it made its way to Europe and then to the United States where it is commonly seen in the form of things such as jade jewelry.  Keep in mind that when it comes to jade jewelry and other items in the United States, the real jade is called jadeite, not nephrite, which is a vivid green and better translucency than nephrite.  Because of that, the cost of jadeite is quite expensive.  However, you will find most jade jewelry made from nephrite.

Whether buying jade jewelry made from jadeite or nephrite, the result is a beautiful piece.  Jade jewelry comes in many forms to include rings, pendants, bracelets, watches, broaches, and earrings.  In addition to green jade jewelry, which is available in many unique shades, you will also find other beautiful colors like pink, yellow, lavender, brown, black, and white.  Unlike other types of stones used for jewelry, jade is typically sold by the piece, not by carat.

When buying jade jewelry, you want to place the primary focus on translucency, texture, and pattern.  Some of the most common jade jewelry would be made from various shades of green.  However, if you can get your hands on any of the rare colors, (pink, purple, black, and yellow), you have something extraordinary.  As the birthstone for March, jade is still believed to protect the kidneys, as well as the liver, heart, larynx, thyroid, thymus, and spleen while providing the body with energy, strength, and longevity.


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DZi Beads Pendant
DZi beads are mined high in the Himalaya. Its composition is actually agate, but with magnetic field particularly stronger. It can strengthen your physical constitution. This Tibetan DZI bead is said to ward off illness chi and negative forces. Wearing it is also believed to calm down mind and bring good luck. It promotes prosperity by making you more energetic and sociable and can greatly benefit business and personal matters too.

Fortune Joy Jade Pendant
Beautifully carved and high quality light green fortune joy jade pendant. It is intricately done from translucent green jade. It measures about 1.5 inches. This Jade Pendant with the word Joy on it brings you happiness and always protects you from any accident. When you are in trouble, rub this pendant and make a wish. This will fix the problem.

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