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What is Feng Shui? - A Beginner's Guide

Feng shui has become a common term, even in western societies. People use it in decorating their homes, but feng shui is actually based on an ancient philosophy. But what is feng shui? The answer to that question is both simple and complex.

First of all, feng shui is based on an ancient Chinese system of thinking. The idea behind it is that there are energies and elements that govern life and our experience of it, and that we can make this energy work for us in the way that we want it to – the most ‘auspicious’ way. Beyond that, there are various key concepts. One of these is the bagua, an eight-sided shape that helps you map out the various areas of influence in a living space. For instance, there are spaces associated with love, money, success, and so on. Using the baqua, you can determine where in your home these occur.

Along with the eight bagua directions, there are also eight compass directions and five elements. These all have big ramifications with regard to the energy flow in a home or other space.

Finally, every person has his or her own personal feng shui. Based on the KUA number, a number derived from your year of birth (based on the lunar calendar and your gender, different elements, directions and symbols are important for your. This is also dependent on where in the home they occur. All in all, feng shui is a comprehensive system of managing the energy flow and making sure they are helping you in your immediate endeavors and your life path in general. People who have experienced the feng shui interior will attest to the fact that these spaces feel open, comfortable, and tranquil. Furthermore, if you are aware of any type of block in the flow of energy in your life and your home, the answer may also lie in feng shui practice.

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