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Using Wind Chimes for Feng Shui

The use of wind chimes in a feng shui living space is somewhat controversial, as some practitioners argue that this is a modern addition that has little to do with the primary elements of feng shui, while others argue that the use of wind chime may have undesired effects such as attracting negative energy or even bad spirits. In general, however, most feng shui experts nowadays agree that wind chimes increase popularity and good luck, when they are made of the right materials and hung in the proper location.

Most of us are familiar with these wooden or metal chimes, which form tubes that hang in a mobile-like formation chime softly when they are wafted by the wind. Like feng shui itself, these chimes have gained popularity recently, to the point that they are a common decorating component even in western homes. The type of material that your wind chime is made of, however, has a lot to do with how effective it will be in creating a positive energy balance. Basically, the material that the chime is made of has to ‘match’ the element that corresponds to the space in which you are hanging it. Therefore, if your chime is hung in the west, north-west, or north, it should be made of wood. Conversely, if it is hung in the South or North-east, it should be ceramic, connoting earth energy.

If you are using the popular type of chime that is made up of hanging rods or tubes, pay attention to the number. Three is lucky, as is six or eight, but you should avoid a chime with five rods.

Finally, if you are using your chimes to increase popularity or to attract influential people into your life, then the south-west corner of the outside of your house or of an indoor living space is the best place to hang them. Chimes should not be used in bedrooms or other private places, however, as they attract outside energy and are unsuitable for places that are best kept quiet and focused. 

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