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Balancing the Ying Yang Flow

The eight sides of the bagua govern the different areas of life according to the principles of feng shui, but right in the middle of the feng shui space is the ying yang, the flow of opposite energies against each other. Though they are opposing forces, they are always balanced, each side exerting an equal force on the other.

Even if you know little about feng shui, you will likely be familiar with this energy symbol. It adorns the centre of the ba gua and feng shui related icons, but it is also a popular symbol – it adorns jewelry, for one thing. Together, the two sides form a circle, but within the circle, a black side and a white side nestle against each other with a curved division in the middle. A dot of white is inside the black side of the symbol, and a dot of black adorns the white, showing us that each energy contains its opposite even as it flows against it.

In Chinese thinking, all things are either ying or yang, or a combination of both. Ying is the female energy, and is generally seen as being gentler and airier than the male yang. Ideally, though, a man will not have only yang energy, and a woman won’t be completely ying. There has to be balance in the energies. This can be achieved by the food you eat – which is also either ying or yang – and by the materials and elements you have around you. This is where fung shui comes in, too – it is a system of balancing the ying and the yang. Much of the struggle that can affect various aspects of people’s lives can be remedied just by taking steps to balance the ying yang energies, through the simple steps prescribed by the classic art of science of feng shui.

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